“ANTHOLOGY”. Catalog. Kyiv, 2007


By Lidia Hurs’ka, Art Expert

Ukrainian Academy of Arts awarded Kateryna Kosianenko with the silver medal for “considerable achivements in painting” for her cycle “Calendar”. Her work “The Intercession” receivde the first prize for painting at the centenary Autumn Paris Salon (1 er Prix de Penture des Amis du Salone D’Automne), patroned by French President Jasques Chirac (2003).

The originality and uniqueness of Kosianenko’s rich painting shows through in graduated, multidimensional works which mix textures and nuances through a compoud score of cjljurs. She often uses explosive but highly harmonious gold and cimson, clear red, cherry-brown, and penetrating cold blue colours. Pictorial surface seems to be maid of precios stones because of changeable play of thick spreads of paint and delicate, micaceous – looking, warmly twinkling layers of glaze, created with laborious repetitious touch of thin brush. Filigree modelled faces and hands of characters, filled with quiet warm light, sink into fanciful swirl
Of poly-semantic painting…


By Oleh Sydor-Hibelinda, Art Critic

Kateryna Kosianenko is by no means prisoner of retrospectives and reminiscence. She is a beautiful blonde with eyes of a Renessance maid who belongs to the 21 st century. To the very marrow of her bones. But her favourite artist is till Gentile da Fabriano ( who “ painted the best”, as a contemporary artist notes, faiting). Her elegant, yet youthfully saucy, despotism heps her to overcome iconographic stereotypes. And a line a poetic prose by Apollinere “Stabbed Dove and the Fountain”hangs in their in her work “Marichka Swims Away” as a friend and namesake of mine noted. This technique she repeated only once, when decorating a disk for contemporary music band.
…The two paintingseries exhibition are like two parts of a nut shell with a kernel inside an idea used in hetr next series of works dedicated to Cossak Mamai, the Ukrainian Ullysses who no one. This description may be not idea. The possibilities of an artist, after all, go far beyond the triad, leading me to compare Kateryna to a generous tree bearing golden fruits in abundance.

We just need to gather them into our baskets. Or open our astonished hands, which are not used handling such bounty.