• серпня 2, 2021 20:38
    “List of Ships”
    Kateryna Yushchenko Beautiful exhibit by artist Kateryna Kosianenko of her art illustrating poet Serhiy Zhadan’s new collection “List of Ships”. This is part of a series by talented curator Tetyana Shwed pairing up artists of different genres. National Art Museum of Ukraine.  
  • березня 6, 2018 20:18
    Kateryna Kosianenko. Exposition d’oeuvres graphiques. Mon Kiev. Mon Paris
    Mercredi 14 19:30 – 22:30 Centre Culturel de l’Ambassade d’Ukraine 22 avenue de Messine 75008 Paris “Un Dialogue graphique Kyiv-Paris. C’est un dialogue artistique, architectural, humain. Deux villes, deux capitales, deux cultures, des milliers de vies humaines connectées, des œuvres d’art… “Un Dialogue graphique Kyiv-Paris. C’est un dialogue artistique, architectural, humain. Deux villes, deux […]
  • лютого 25, 2016 22:42
    Genius Loci is a documentary about Ukrainian artists and their plein air which took place in Italy, summer 2015. Documentary features David Sharashidze, Kateryna Kosianenko, Elena Priduvalova, Aleksei Apollonov, Viktoria Kalaichi and Denis Sarazhin as representatives of Ukrainian fine art and their interaction with Italian cultural figures such as Lora Guerra and Carlo Sanchizi. The […]
  • жовтня 24, 2014 12:33
    Exposition in Kalyta gallery. Art by Kateryna Kosianenko project
    “Short film” by Kateryna Kosianenko in Kalyta gallery. 10.10.2014 Foto by Iryna Sukhomlynova    
  • червня 6, 2014 07:25
    Where East meets East
    Challenging exhibition of Eastern European art at N2N Gallery N2N Gallery has been bridging the gap between Eastern Europe and the Middle East for a full year now, and their latest exhibition couldn’t be more fitting. N2N Gallery opened just over a year ago. Founded by Natalya Muzaleva, the space has two goals. First, it […]
  • червня 2, 2014 19:25
    Solo exhibition by Ukrainian artist Kateryna Kosyanenko
    “Oasis “. 2014. Embassy of Ukraine in the United Arab Emirates (Kingdom of Bahrain) 1 June 2014 Abu Dhabi was celebrating the opening ceremony of the solo exhibition of the  prominent Ukrainian artist Kateryna Kosyanenko “Sweets and Spices”. The paintings were depicting some of the traditional Ukrainian motives as well as the culture and traditions of […]
  • червня 1, 2014 15:35
    Master-class by the artist Kateryna Kosyanenko with Afra
    1.06.2014. Abu Dhabi. N2N Gallery. Very special guest from “Make a Wish Foundation” – Afra Adnan Obaid Al Shamsi.
  • травня 29, 2014 08:01
    “Sweets and Spies”. Catalog. “N2N Gallery”. UAE, Abu Dhabi. 2014

  • травня 28, 2014 20:32
    Sweets and Spices Exhibition
    Jun 01 – Jun 14, 2014, Avenue at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi.   This is a solo exhibition by Kateryna Kosyanenko which will also grant the wish of 11-year-old Afra Adnan Obaid Alshamsi. Kateryna is a bright star on the Ukrainian art scene and the exhibition will showcase some of her works which have never […]
  • грудня 18, 2013 23:46
    Modern take on “Mamais and Their Women”
    KATERYNA KOSIANENKO CONTINUES UKRAINIAN TRADITIONS IN HER ORIGINAL WORKS: THE PICTURE BROTHERS Kalyta Art Club Gallery launched Kateryna Kosianenko’s Kyiv exhibition Lilia BEVZIUK-VOLOSHYNA 9 December, 2013 Let us recall that the internationally known young painter had her first solo exhibition in Ukraine in July, 2013. Den covered Kosianenko’s display at the Triptych Gallery which included […]
  • грудня 13, 2013 17:42
    Fine Art Gallery De Twee Pauwen. The Hague, Netherland
      Of course my facebook pages are about art, not politics. However, allow me to post this lovely painting by the Ukrainian Painter Katheryna Kosianenko. And yes I am glad to show it, not because I have a well founded opinion about Ukrainian politics, but a very strong one regarding the European Union! The demonstrations […]
  • травня 25, 2013 13:32
    Сatalog N2N Gallery. Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2013
    Сatalog works of Ukrainian artists. N2N Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Presented: Hemry Yagodkin, Petro Bevza, Volodymir Reshetov, Tatyana Yagodkina, Kateryna Kosyanenko, Igor Shipilin, Grygoriy Sokirinsky, Anna Nosenko, Oxana Stratiychuk…
  • квітня 16, 2013 12:53
    “Ukrainians on the Côte d’Azur” Festival
    By Olya Korzachenko   In January of this year I had the great pleasure of attending a Ukrainian cultural festival in Nice, in the south of France, of all places! This Cote d’Azur area, as it is widely known, has always attracted prominent figures of culture, and Ukrainians are no exception. Few people are actually […]
  • лютого 25, 2013 15:07
    Kiev-Nice. 2013. Exhibition of Painting
    Didier Vernay and Kateryna Kosianenko. Fond Matrix Orange (The Hague) and Dominican cathedral gallery. January 18. Opening of the art exhibition by Ukrainian artist Kateryna Kosianenko (Galerie des Dominicains, 9 rue Saint-Francois-de-Paule, 17:00). Kateryna Kosianenko is one of Ukraine’s most promising young artists, having won the 1st prize at Salon d’Automne in Paris, France (2003) […]
  • січня 19, 2013 10:55
    Ukrainians on the Côte
    The Côte d’Azur has always attracted prominent figures of culture, and Ukrainians are no exception. But few people are actually aware of this. Ukrainian artist and painter Kateryna Kosianenko will be opening the art exhibition on 18th January The Côte d’Azur has always attracted prominent figures of culture, and Ukrainians are no exception. But few […]
  • січня 19, 2013 10:40
    Ukrainians in Nice
    By Lilia BEVZIUK-VOLOSHYNA On January 15 through 29 our painters, photographers, litterateurs, and fashion designers have an opportunity to show their work on an international level in France IPHONE BY KATERYNA KOSIANENKO / Photo illustration provided by Kateryna KOSIANENKO Ukrainian artists who work in the sphere of painting, photography, literature, and fashion have an opportunity […]
  • лютого 21, 2012 17:57
    New website!
    Previous version of my website:
  • травня 21, 2011 21:01
    KoloroprzestrzeŃ (Кольоропростір). Персональна виставка в Arsene Galeria Wiatrak, Краків. 2011
    Колір для мене є мірою глибини людської емоції. Колір завжди пов*язаний з візією, спочатку є реалія, загостреність свідомості і чуття, злам, в якому з*являється істина – спалах кольору. Від цього спалаху риси реальності можуть геть загубитися, розчинится, а можуть — частково, або повністю, лишитися знайомими нам. Людина існує в Просторі Світу. Є творінням і творцем. […]
  • лютого 22, 2010 11:06
    Ukrainian Women in Arts and Culture. 2010
    The two-week event will be a celebration of women and their accomplishments, as well as a platform for a dialogue on the challenges facing them. It has the following goals: to familiarise the Hague community with some of the aspects of modern Ukrainian culture, to provide insights into some of the challenges of modern women […]
  • лютого 22, 2009 13:19
    Artists Awarded 2009. International Award Lorenzo il Magnifico. VII Biennale, Florence
    2009 Painting 1° Award – Reinder Ourensma 2° Award – Maximino Balatbat 3° Award – Carlos Leon Cruz 4° Award – Nasr Warour – Joanna Lefroy Capelle – Henk Bloemhof – Gino Bernardini – Daniela Raffaele – Mario Sepulcre – Alejandro Peralta 5° Award – Charles Billich – Kateryna Kosianenko – Jenny Ping – Flavia […]
  • березня 7, 2008 18:11
    Exhibition “Zomer, Natuurlijk”. Galleriy«De Twee Pauwen». The Hague, Netherlands, 2006
    Exhibition “Zomer, Natuurlijk”. Galleriy«De Twee Pauwen». The Hague, Netherlands, 2006.
  • лютого 22, 2008 10:19
    “TRAMONTANE”. Catalog. Kyiv, 2008
    English summary/Kateryna Kosjanenko/Museum of Russian Art in Kyiv/The Tramontane   Personal Exhibition    Lidia Maschenko Art-expert Tramontane is the name of the crazy scorching Mediterranean wind that blows in the Spansih Catalon, Southern France and northern Italy. It is the wind of change, it can bring about an incredible creative spirit, or even a depression. In fact, […]
  • лютого 22, 2007 10:23
    “ANTHOLOGY”. Catalog. Kyiv, 2007
    Summary KATERYNA KOSIANENKO By Lidia Hurs’ka, Art Expert Ukrainian Academy of Arts awarded Kateryna Kosianenko with the silver medal for “considerable achivements in painting” for her cycle “Calendar”. Her work “The Intercession” receivde the first prize for painting at the centenary Autumn Paris Salon (1 er Prix de Penture des Amis du Salone D’Automne), patroned […]
  • листопада 7, 2006 16:29
    Le Salon D’Automne 2006. Les Champs de la Diversite. Paris, 2006.
    Le Salon D’Automne 2006. Les Champs de la Diversite. Paris, 2006.