Art in the Land of War: Kateryna Kosianenko

BABYLON’13: Ukrainian creative documentaries

Why does she have an emotional connection with apartment buildings, and why sincerity is important for a painter? Watch the video! 00:00 – Buildings are just like humans 03:40 – Evening Kyiv 07:10 – Maybe, I couldn’t paint again 08:56 – Art can explain anything 10:48 – Painting is like a song or a pray This is the 5 episode of Art in the Land of War documentary series. Art in the Land of War is a Ukrainian documentary series, co-produced by @DocNoteFilmsProduction studio and @babylon13ua film collective. It consists of 25 short stories about Ukrainian artists – painters, musicians, sculptors, and writers, who did not leave Ukraine during the war. Following their everyday life and creative process, the project tries to find an answer to the central question: what is the place of art and the artist in the country at war? DocNoteFilms is an independent Ukrainian documentary film production. We have started our documentary work as a part of BABYLON’13 association of independent filmmakers. From the Maidan revolution in Kyiv to this day, we focus on covering the development of Ukrainian civil society in the backdrop of current but doubtlessly historical events. Our goal is to spread accurate information and understanding of Ukrainian affairs throughout the world, and to raise the spirits and tell the stories that are not yet told within Ukraine. To do so, we have arrangements to publish our work on the platforms of our long-standing partners – BABYLON’13 and Ukrainian national broadcaster UA Suspilne. #DocNoteFilms #Babylon13