• травня 16, 2006 13:21
    Bozhychi sing about love
          Folk band launches new album   By Tetiana BRIUSOVA and Oleh BARYSHEVSKY 20 February, 2007 – 00:00   Photo by Borys KORPUSENKO, The Day For St. Valentine’s Day the Lavina Music Recording Company launched the latest album of the authentic Ukrainian singing group Bozhychi, entitled Can’t Get Enough of Love — Love […]
  • квітня 7, 2006 19:37
    Cultures d’Ukraine. Notr Ile. 2006, #51
  • грудня 1, 2005 15:20
    “Kateryna Kosianenko.CALENDAR”. Catalog. Kiev, 2005 Refined, sonorous combination of colours are present in series of picturesque works Calendar. Inherit color polyphony and gentle poetics of the Ukrainian naive folk art, subject lines are enriched with ethnolographic themes and motives. Thin lyricism, significance of individualize, benevolent images, citing of iconpainting, narrative and contemplation are also present at pictures of […]
  • листопада 10, 2003 13:46
    1903-2003 Centenaire Salon D’Automne. Catalog. Paris. 2003      
  • лютого 22, 2003 10:14
    Kyiv’s Artist got First Prize at Salon d’Automne 2003 in Paris
    See you in Ukraine (2004, №1 )   Kateryna Kosyanenko, representative of the Ukrainian artistic school, graduate of Kyiv’s National Academy of Fine Arts, was awarded First Prize at Salon d’Automne 2003 held in the biggest exhibition hall in Paris , and patronized by the President of France Jaque Chiraq, Minister of Culture of France […]