About Me

KATERYNA  KOSIANENKO – Ukrainian artist, painter.

1978 – was born in 1978 in Kyiv.

1996 –  graduated from T. Shevchenko State School of arts.

1999 – participant of all-Ukrainian art exhibitions.

2002 – graduated from National academy of fine arts and architecture.  Studied at the theatre scenery department under the guidance of renowned stage artist Danilo Lider.

2003 – participant of international  art exhibitions.

2005 – had an internship with NAFAA assisting at the pictorial master class of prof. Vasil Gurin, people’s artist of Ukraine.

Holds MA degree in painting.

2002 – member of National artists’ union of Ukraine since.

2009 – internship in Cite internationale Des arts (Paris).

2011  – internship in the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts  named J. Matejko.

Painting,  theater and cinema.

25 personal exhibitions of painting.


  • Grant of the Ministry of Culture “GAUDE POLONIA”, Republic Poland, 2011.
  • 5th Prize in painting (5 Premio Pittura Lorenzo di Magnifico) and medal “Lorenzo de Medici” VII Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, 2009,
  • Silver medal, Ukrainian Academy of Arts, 2006.
  • President of Ukraine grant for gifted youth, 2004.
  • Kyiv Mayor Scholarship, 2004.
  • President of Ukraine scholarship, 2004.
  • 1st prize in painting of the Salone d’Autumne ( 1-er PRIX de PENTURE des Amis du SALONE D’AUTOMNE) , Paris, France, 2003.
  • Committee on family and youth diploma, Kyiv, 2003.
  • Diploma from Chief department on culture and arts of Kyiv city administration, Kyiv, 2002.
  • Laureate of the M. Dmytrenko contest ( III Prize), NAFAA, Kyiv, 2000.
  • Laureate of the M. Dmytrenko contest ( III Prize), NAFAA, Kyiv, 1999.

“Les Visages de nos Villes. Kyiv – Paris”.



«KYIVITES AND GUESTS». Exhibition of paintings by Kateryna Kosianenko. 20.10.2017

viber image

Музейно-виставковий центр «Музей історії міста Києва»


  • 2017 – “KYIVITES AND GUESTS”. “KalytaArtKlub” and Museum of Kyiv history. Kyiv.
  • “PRIMARY COLOURS”. Kyiv, Gallery “Ornament Art Space”.
  • 2016-2017 –  “Landscape”.  Kyiv, Gallery “KalytaArtKlub”.
  • 2016 – „Graffiti for Anna”, gallery „KalytaArtKlub” and National Sanctuary Complex “Sophia of Kiev”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2015 –„MIFO”, „Gallery Parsuna”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  •  „Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”Warsaw Philharmonic, Embassy of Ukraine in Poland dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland, September 3, 2015.
  • „Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, Gallery „KalytaArtKlub” and „Centrum Sztuki Fort Sokolnickiego”,  Warsaw, Poland
  • 2014„Shadows of the forgotten forefathers”, Gallery „KalytaArtKlub” and Gallery „Sowa”, Olsztyn, Poland
  • „Short film”, Gallery „KalytaArtKlub”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  •  Exhibition of paintings at the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • „Kateryna Kosjanenko”, Gallery „KalytaArtKlub” and Galeria Marszałkowska Olsztyn, Poland
  • „Sweets and Spices”, „N2N Gallery”, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2013„My Mamay’s”, Gallery „KalytaArtKlub”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • „Мamay’s and Mamaivnas”, Art Museum, Cherkasy, Ukraine
  • Summertime, „Art gallery Triptikh”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Kiev – Nice, Exhibition Gallery of Dominican cathedral together with the Matrix Orange (The Hague), Nice, France
  • 2011„Koloroprzestrzen”, „Gallery Arsene Galeria Wiatrak”, Krakow, Poland
  • 2008„Tramontana”, Kyiv museum of Russian art, art gallery “Collection”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2007„Anthology”, art gallery “Collection”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2006„Calendrier”, Centre of culture and information of Ukrainian embassy, Paris, France
  • 2005“Calendar”, art gallery „Mystec”, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2004“Kateryna Kosyanenko”, Galerie-Celine, Paris, France
  • 2003 – “August. The echo”, Ukrainian Fund of Culture, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2000“Journey for two”, art gallery “Dim Mykoly”, Kyiv, Ukraine



  • International pleinair “Grunevald art” Poland, Reszel


pleinair in Frontino, Italy.
Grape Winemaking-Wine-Koktebel 2013. Kyiv, 2015.


  • XVI International Plein Air in Poland, Tarnobzeg, Bolestrashice (Międzynarodowy Plener Artystyczny, Tarnobrzeg, Bolestraszyce, 2013)
  • N2N Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


  • International Plein Air in Bulgaria, Razlog.


  • Exhibition Fellows GAUDE POLONIA 2011, Gallery “Arte”, Warsaw.


  • “Ukrainiane women in arts and culture”, “Gallery Atelier Beeld” together with the Matrix Orange. The Hague, Netherlands.


  • VII Florentine Biennale of Contemporary Art (Florence Biennale), Italy
  • «Harmony Winter exhibition», gallery «De Twee Pauwen». The Hague, Netherlands.


  • «Luce nel Buio» Gallery «De Twee Pauwen» (The Hague, Netherland).
  • International pleinair in Crimea ( Koktebel – Kurortne).


  • “The art of nations. Youth”. International confederation of the artists’ unions, Astana, Kazakkhstan.
  • International pleinair in Zadar, Croatia.
  • “Grapes- Winemaking-Wine-Koktebel” in the framework of the Days of France in Ukraine “French spring”, House of artist, Kyiv.
  • Х Moscow International Art Salon,  „CHA -2007”, Moscow.


  • Salon D’Automnе, Le champ de la Diversité,  Paris.


  • International pleinair in Koktebel “Grapes- Winemaking-Wine ”, by “Ukraine-France” association, Koktebel, Ukraine
  • “France in my heart” exhibition, art gallery “Dim Mykoly”, Kyiv, Ukraine


  • Le centenaire SALON D’AUTOMNE , Paris, France
  • Moscow International art salon “The new names”, CHA, Moscow, Russia
  • International pleinair in Greece, exhibition in the city hall of Didimotehon, Greece
  • International pleinair in Poland (Bukovina Tadzhanska)


  • “The days of Kyiv culture in Krakow” exhibition, Krakow, Poland
  • “Ukraine – Poland”exhibition, art gallery “Dim Mykoly”, Kyiv.




  •  Galeria Marszałkowska, exibition “Grunevald art”, Olsztyn, Poland


  • Young Ukrainian inspiration. Odessa Art Museum.
  • Ukrainian art exhibition Historical figures future. Cherkassy regional art museum.
  • Gesso, The exhibition in Kyiv gallery “location”.


  • Ukrainian Christmas art exhibition. House of Artists, Kyiv.
  • KONSKHU exhibition Art in space and time House of Artists, Kyiv.
  • Ukraine from Tripoli to Present at the images of contemporary artists. House of Artists, Kyiv.


  • Triennale “Painting 2013“. House of Artist, Kyiv.
  • The exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine“, Kharkiv branch of Union of Artists, Kharkiv.
  • Exhibition alumni of NAFAA 2002  “2002+ 11 “2002+ 11“, NAFAA, Kyiv.


  •  Ukraine from Tripoli to the present in the images of contemporary artists.  Kyiv.
  •   Folk-echo. Gallery Ducat, Kyiv.


  • Participation in the All-Ukrainian pleinair in Transcarpathia, Shayan – Khust- Lviv.


  • IV All-Ukrainian painting triennial Painting -2007, House of Artist, Kyiv.


  • From Trypillya to today: Ukraine in the images of contemporary artists , House of Artist, Kyiv.


  • “A touch of an angel”, art gallery “Mystets”, Kyiv.


  • Exhibitions of the assistant-interns, NAFAA, Kyiv.
  • The orange exhibition, House of Artist, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, NAUU, Kyiv.


  • All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian s exhibition The picturesque Ukraine, Kyiv.
  • The Day of youth exhibition (Ukrainians House), Kyiv.
  • Exhibitions of the assistant-interns , NAFAA, Kyiv.


  • Kyiv youth art exhibition  VIII Autumn Vernissage, art gallery Lavra, Kyiv.


  • The youth of the century, Kyiv youth art exhibition, House of Artist, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition Chernobyl, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition Women of Ukraine – the Artists, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition The picturesque Ukraine, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • Participation in the all-Ukrainian pleinair in Simeiz, Crimea..


  • The 8th of March Art exhibition, art gallery Mystets, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the Day of the Artist, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition Youth, NAUU, Kyiv.
  • All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the 2000-anniversary of Christmas, NAUU, Kyiv.


  • All-Ukrainian pleinair at the Arabat spit, and the Christian youth of Ukraine conference exhibition The light of the starts through the light of images, Ukrainian House, Kyiv.

Works are owned by NAFAA, Museum of mountain ecology of the Carpathian biosphere reserve, municipality of Didimotehon (Greece), and belong to private collections in Ukraine, Poland, France, Netherland, United States, Canada, Russia, and the UK.